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Policy on Conduct & Behaviour
Mallow Tennis Club: Policy on Conduct and Behaviour

The intention of this policy is to establish clear and acceptable behaviour expectations for Mallow Tennis Club members and guests. It is not intended to restrict the rights of anyone but rather to ensure that all members and guests can expect to be treated with respect while using the facilities at Mallow Tennis Club. The Policy has been developed to ensure a safe, friendly and respectful place for members and visitors to gather in the spirit of cooperation, relaxation, goodwill, fun and friendly competition. The Policy cannot cover every potential issue that may arise buts sets out the basic principles and values of reasonable behaviour that leads to a positive environment at Mallow Tennis Club.

Only members and guests in good standing are entitled to use the clubhouse, tennis courts, or grounds. The rights of any member to the privileges of the Club shall coexist with the period of his or her membership. The Club deems that all members, upon election to the Club, have given their consent to be bound by the by-laws and rules of the Club and to the restrictions and the penalties imposed.

Tennis Committee:

The Tennis Committee, and the various sub committees appointed by the Tennis Committee will deal with all matters pertaining to the conduct of members and guests.

All members, guests and players will:
 Obey the laws of the land.
 Conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner and will not knowingly cheat, disrespect volunteers, officials or fellow competitors.
 Adhere to the dress code and observe proper tennis etiquette.
 Respect the tennis courts and facilities and will not deliberately damage tennis club property or the property of others.
 Not engage in behaviour likely to cause injury or impair safety on club premises
 Respect the rights of other players and tennis officials.
 Not physically abuse or threaten physical abuse, will not verbally abuse, or slander others either in person or on social media.
 Refrain from publishing any information on the clubs social media platforms that could bring the club into disrepute.
 Use good judgment and not consume alcohol in a way that leads to inappropriate behaviour or endangers the safety of others.

Any conduct (whether verbal, physical or implied) that is considered threatening or harassing will not be tolerated. This includes behaviour that could threaten the physical or emotional safety of either the individual exhibiting the behaviour, or others. Mallow Tennis Club will not tolerate racial or sexual harassment of any kind. Inappropriate expressions of anger, foul or abusive language are not acceptable.

The more serious infractions could result in the instigation of a process of cancellation of membership or suspension of privileges at any time, or other disciplinary action as may be required. Any disciplinary procedure is governed by the Tennis Ireland Complaint, Objection & Disciplinary Rules and Procedures for Irish Tennis

If you are involved in or observe any breaches of the above, please contact the Secretary of the club.

Mallow Tennis Club Committee, April 2018.
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